Wet plate collodion photographs on glass or aluminum.

You can read a bit more about this project here. I will continue to photograph as many of the Gårdaskolan tenants as possible in the coming months (and years).


Vanja the Architect. Vanja is an »investigating architect«—how’s that for a neat job title! She is also an illustrator and is working on a children’s book. Her studio is on the first floor of the Gårda school, and I hope to photograph Vanja there as well in the future. This plate is a black glass »whole plate«, 6.5×8.5 inches.


Isabella the Actor. I made three plates of Isabella, and we had lots of fun. Hopefully we will have time to make more plates this side of the new year. Isabella travels around Sweden, acting and inspiring. She uses several characters, among them Trixie and the Angel Clown. They migh show up here as well. She has her studio on the first floor in Gårdaskolan. Check out Isabellas home page here. This plate is a black glass »whole plate«, 6.5×8.5 inches.

Think-Box wet plate image

Think-Box. Johan, Henke, Calle and Mattias. First time I’ve tried photographing four people with wet plate collodion and artificial light. Exposure times were around seven or eight seconds. This is one of four plates we shot that time. Plate size is »whole plate«, 6.5×8.5 inches. You can hear their music here.


Gårdaskolan, southwest wing. Digitally captured, black & white image.