Wet plate collodion photographs made in 2007 and 2008.

I wanted to use the wet plate process to create an illusion of history. So I made this faked family tree or »genealogy«, and certain elements in the images reveal the illusion. Sneakers, rangefinder cameras, funny hats. The people in the pictures are my parents, my girlfriend and some of my close friends. And me of course. The show was very well received and it was a lot of fun.


 Lavendel Sjögren 1858–1917

Joanna Astridsdotter 1898–1960

 Leifi Sjögren 1891–1954

Isak Johansson 1919–1988 

 Agnes Sjögren 1922–1995 

Anna Sjögren 1925–1978 

 Joar Seborg 1923–1979 

Johannes Seborg 1957–

 Magnus Seborg 1954–