Other wet plate photographers

John Coffer is the one who taught me the wet plate collodion process. He lives out in the middle of New York State, in a log cabin he built himself, has no running water and (almost) no electricity. He still has his horse and carriage, although his favorite horse, Brownie, has passed away. He does have a home page, it’s maintained by one of his scholars. He also has a laptop computer, which is charged using solar power! If you are taking a workshop in wet plate photography, John is a great teacher and a master of his craft.

Quinn Jacobson is american but lives with his family in Germany. He has done very much to help spread the collodion process throughout Europe. Quinn is super helpful and I owe him big thanks for helping me solve my chemistry problems.

Alexey Alexeev lives in S:t Petersburg in Russia, and is a young and extremely talented wet plate photographer. He has even been on russian TV, demonstrating wet plate photography!

The Flickr wet plate group Both vintage and new wet plate photographs.

Wet plate information

Studio Q Collodion forum is run by Quinn Jacobson, and is a great source of information and help if you are starting out or working with the process. Here you’ll find some of the world’s best wet plate photographers, and they are always eager to help. You’ll also find lots of great images, and information about collodion events and happenings. Requires membership, which you acquire by clicking the »register« button.

Wet plate on Wikipedia

Wet plate on YouTube

Instructional on wet plate Quinn Jacobson shows the basics of the wet plate process.

Making a wet plate portrait Quinn Jacobson making a portrait.

Varnishing a wet plate Quinn Jacobson again! :-)

Articles etc

Article in Kamera & Bild (swedish only) about the »planket« exhibition, where I showed my plates in august 2008.